Thursday, June 11, 2015


Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Michael Jackson (great name!) for being the random winner of the draw. Michael wins some cool mittens and a warm scarf. 
Thank you to all the VIP list members for entering. I will have another giveaway real soon so stay tuned! 

(Micheal, please contact me with your contact details.)

On to other news, I have some new stock on my Etsy store today. Some nice organic cotton drop-crotch track pants (or sweatpants if you are in the States). 
Well maybe not for jogging in, but more for street-wear, these trackies (if you are in Australia) have a narrow leg and a slight drop-crotch and pockets in all the right places. (where you would expect them I guess, but that sounds so good)

Check them out...

They are available in my Etsy store. Remember you will get 10% off with the code (down below) and 25% off my item of the week. JUST on my item of the week which the final pair of my older style track pants. Okay, okay, I give in, sweatpants.