Thursday, June 26, 2014


Denise and I are off to Paris next week. As I am so excited I can't talk I thought I would post one of the highlights of the last time in Paris-The Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacob exhibition. Hope you enjoy this old post:

We have just returned from the amazing exhibition of Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris. Although I could not take photos I culled many images from the web site to give you an idea of what it was like. 

It starts with the history of Louis Vuitton trunks and the 'modern' era of fashion, showcasing dozens of trunks from the late 19th century. 
Love this 'explorers' day bed trunk. 

Included was this doll and outfits that were exquisitely crafted down to hankies, straw hats, hat boxes and purses.  

The exhibition moves upstairs where the mood is totally different-prepare to be bombarded by images of erotica, Iggy Pop and Bowie, movies by Fellini, Streisand and The Simpsons (featuring Marc Jacobs) where you get a taste of his inspiration. This visual and audio assault leads you onto a huge selection of what L.V. is known for- bags.

Dozens of bags are displayed like a chocolate box. How could you choose a favourite?! This is pure handbag porn.

Kate Moss was the star of the show with several photos, a video and an outfit she wore at one stage- modelled by a panther-headed mannequin in a cage.

Those shoes!

Animal heads adored this, one of many staggeringly beautiful, display of clothes and bags.

More amazing shoes!

 One display after another- each one incredibly inventive and witty was perfect for this show.

In this one, emergency-light headed nurse mannequins in sheer outfits. Wild.

The show ends with a Marc doll in skirt and platform trainers holding his own L.V. bag.

By this stage I had to lay down.

Love from Paris. X