Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Dear Microsoft,

You have been with me since Windows NT. You were slow, counter intuitive, clunky and prone to crashing. I used XP, Vista and Windows 8. The last, was a piece of shit. Third party Start button? Rubbish. Stupid apps and bloatware for days. Junk.

It is goodbye Microsoft. I may miss swapping hard drives or installing new optical drives but the time has come to ditch the tinkering.

In a way you, Microsoft, are like Pepsi. Always swapping logos and recipes instead of building on what was already in front of you. Reinventing the wheel (and then making the wheel square with Windows 8) is not smart.

I have a new toy now. A birthday present from my loved one who is sick of me swearing at my Dell and saying "I want to kill this machine."

Hello Apple Macbook Air. Solid state drive, 1 kg, 12 hour battery life, no fans. no heat, intuitive GUI, no bloatware and sexy as hell.  

Goodbye Microsoft, hello Apple.