Saturday, March 22, 2014


To be honest, I have been a bit lazy with pattern making the past year or so. Older pattern have been reworked and done a good job. 

Inspired by a library book of Japanese designers (Comme, Yohji, Junya etc), I thought about how I could do something different. 

Most of the the time T-shirts pretty much stay the same. This was a good starting point. Seams are in the usual spot- so I wondered what would happen it there were not in the right place.

Below shows the first T-shirt cut out. You can see the neck-hole in the center piece. The T-shirt is made of three pieces with a combination of seams close to (and different) to standard shirts.

After making a muslin,  the first T-shirt of the pattern is the one below. This is wool jersey. The seams wrap around the body and over the sleeve.

It worked. I'm happy and looking forward to grading and bringing out this t-shirt for sale soon.

The point is looking at regular and standard items and reinterpreting them in new ways. Menswear in general really do stick to classics- the idea is reimage them to create something new.

Something new is always a good thing.