Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Not one to usually get involved in organised 'day of action' causes there IS one I am behind- Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers. Today is an international Day of Action to help fight against injustices in the fashion industry. 

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that PEOPLE ARE DYING  in developing companies while making clothing for us. Incredibly it is not just the Wal Marts, Gaps and Targets of this world to blame. Some of the bigger, more exclusive, brands are doing their bit to exploit people in the pursuit of profits. 

Garment  Factory in Bangladesh -Image

It is not just the environment that is suffering under the weight of fast fashion but the people making the clothes. Slaves, children and women are being exploited and treated very badly for (mainly) cheap clothes.

Nike sweatshop. Photo from

What can we do? An awareness of the situation is a good start. Finding out who is abusing and mistreating their workers is easy- we have the internet for that. NOT BUYING goods we know are being made by workers who are being exploited is the main step. Almost ALL the big brands from H&M to Mothercare to Kmart are making crap clothes with no consideration of their workers.

Factory fire. 100 dead. Image by Ibrahim. Copyright Demotix

STOP BUYING those brands. Look to ethically made clothes, locally manufactured goods, vintage, second hand and homemade clothes. We CAN make a difference. 

Look at the popularity of organic foods! Look at the popularity of Fair Trade chocolate, coffee and tea in the supermarket! People demanded free-range eggs and meat- we have them now. Together there is power to change. 

Sites to help make an informed decision and take action are:

Rank a Brand Greenpeace
Ethical Fashion Forum
Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Ms Wandas Wardrobe 
Blog Action Day

Slowly things ARE changing. Either you and I can be part of that change or just be part of the cause of other peoples suffering. 

We wouldn't have slaves working around the house would we? Yet slaves and children are picking cotton and making clothes we buy.

Would we buy blood diamonds? No. But people are buying clothes where people are dying making them. Blood T-shirt anyone? 

The choice is ours.

How are you choosing to make a change? Share your action!