Friday, September 13, 2013


Like most designers, I sketch out ideas to give me some idea of where I am going and to help solve any issues that might arise. I have found these Fashionary books helpful with the outline figures already there. These make it easy to quickly get ideas down. 

Urbandon sketches

Some designs are dropped as others are explored and finally some are put into production. I find them enjoyable to do and because I don't have to show them to anyone, like patternmakers, I don't have to be to exact or neat. They serve their purpose.

Something was missing and I slowed down when it came to sketching. I started off photographing my journal and digitally completing them. Like this one done in Gimp. (a free photo and painting program)

While that was fun, I felt I wanted more. I really wanted to get down and dirty and really explore digital painting. First stop was to create my own mannequin to hang clothes off. I created a model in a standard pose. This I made pretty big ( around 3000 x 3000  pixels) knowing I may want to get pretty detailed at times.

I have always been drawn to a particular style of illustrating-that being 'concept art'. Used mainly for sci-fi and fantasy movies and games, it is a way of presenting a design, mood or idea. I needed to take my illustration in that direction. As I am planning my next collection I was looking for inspiration in the world of sci-fi too. I fell in love the style of artist Darren Bartley. Below being a take of one of his sci-fi charters.

Now, I'm not saying I am any good, as these are my first few days getting my head around drawing digitally but I'm enjoying the process immensely. It is always good to explore new frontiers and techniques. This is mine at the moment. 

The program I am using is MyPaint. It is a free open-source program that is easy to use. For my needs at the moment it suits me. Eventually I will discover it's limitations and move on to another program. For now, and this week, I'm having fun and exploring the new. And is that not what life is all about? 

Have a great week!