Wednesday, July 10, 2013


July is 'Hat Month' here at the urbandon one-man factory. 

I have been experimenting with Toyo- a reclaimed paper and synthetic woven material for hats. The feel is smooth and unique. They are a little different to shape than classic straw or wool felt hat bodies as they just don't take to steam so well. I also tore my first hat stretching it over a hat block which made my pretty grumpy. Okay, very grumpy. 

 Toyo fedora. 

 Toyo trilby hat. 

 The 'Tropical Cowboy' (?) straw fedora.

The other hats are these easy (after making coats easy) to make combat caps in various fabrics. The wool and the cotton ones I made from scrap fabric I had. There is always scrap fabric in a box around here. The others I made from vintage  U.S. Army duffel bags that I bought last year on eBay. Some are lined with vintage Australian Army shirts. 

 The boiled wool combat cap. 

 The minimal chocolate brown cotton combat cap. 

 The classic combat cap with raw edges. Reclaimed U.S. Army duffel bag.
I love the aged look of old duffel bags so much.

 The 'Comrade' combat cap converts to the worker, or flat cap below. Reclaimed U.S. Army duffel bag.

Converted 'Comrade' cap.

More hats to come in the next post. Stay tuned!