Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There is darkness. Deep mysterious blackness. The light of your soul burns intensely, illuminating the coldness of the unknown. 
This is where you wander, in search of meaning through the shadow-land. 
The path of the warrior is the journey of every man. You grasp it momentarily, this meaning to our world. Hang onto it as the bitter try to wrestle it from your grasp. 
It is found then lost then found again. 
Staying strong becomes your motto. The forces of evil shall not prevail. The light inside that makes you human sets you apart from them.
Do not show your true colours as that will draw them closer. Instead, cling to the shadows, play their game, holding onto the spirit that never dies.

*Black wool felt fedora and cotton bandanna
*Black linen destroyed lab coat with raw edges and pinstripe wrap front raw edged wool waistcoat
*Vintage French steel fob-watch holder and black boiled wool fingerless exposed seam mitts
*Black pinstripe hooded linen one piece jacket with hand made leather buttons and lined sleeves
*Black curved leg cotton drill '3D' pants with raw hems and button fly
*Black boiled wool seamed cap/ beanie with vintage French number pin
*Black linen raw edged double-front waistcoat
*White double-front cotton long sleeve t-shirt with leather neck detail and exposed seams
*Black cotton fleece waistcoat with wrap closure
*Protea flower dyed grey linen scarf
*Flecked cotton scarf
*Black PVC raincoat with no buttons, high neck and raw edges
*Purple boiled wool coat with leather hand-made buttons exposed seams and matching mitts
*Very long black leather belt with vintage French horse bit buckle
*Black wool jersey buttonless drape front cardigan
*Black high 'ninja' asymmetrical long-sleeve t-shirt
*Hooded purple one piece boiled wool jacket with exposed seams

All photos by Grrlandog