Saturday, March 2, 2013


Urbandon has as gone mobile. 

Now I have a mobile-optimised web site. This means my site looks good on hand-held devices like phones and tablets. You get a web site that is designed for small screens.

More people are using mobile devises than ever before and the trend is not slowing down. 

How much?
The best thing is getting it for free with GOMO. This is an initiative of Google who can see this being the future and want to cash in.

I can see how popular, or not, my mobile site is and then, if I want, start paying for the service next year. I get my own domain name ( then instead of the gomo/urbandon type of thing. 

Sounds complex.
No it's not. If you already have a web site then GOMO will optimise your site automatically. You may want to 'tweak' it a little to get it just right- and that is easy too.

I want more geek factor!
These are fun too- QR Codes (Quick Response Codes). Point your phone at the screen here for a link to my site.

If you have a mobile, give it a whirl. (feedback much appreciated!)

So why all this mobile excitement buddy? 
Well, I just received as a gift (Thanks Grrl!) the new Nokia 820 phone. These are very nice phones.

My old phone was a tin-can and a piece of string, so this was a major upgrade. 
My new laptop also runs Windows 8 along with my phone so they are synced, making them easy and fun to use. 

I always avoid sounding like a infomercial but if it works, looks good, is easy to use and FREE then I'm in. 

Are you mobile? Please post your mobile site in comments as I would love to have a look.

Think it is all stupid?
Willing to give it a go? 
How much is Nokia paying you?