Friday, February 8, 2013


Outlaws, gunslingers, bootleggers and moonshiners. Sometimes men get desperate in desperate times. How do you feed a family when you ain't got no skills? 

Whatcha gonna do to survive? Whatcha willing to do?

I ain't condoning no violence here- just criminal activity, like.  

Bugsy, Slim, The Kid or Weazel: them boys be bad. 

Babyface, Billy the Kid, Pretty Boy. Them all got the best nicknames too.  

Everyone remembers The Lawless.

*Drifter long coat made from vintage moleskin with hand-made leather buttons.

*Bootleg waistcoat from vintage duffel bag and Chinese print fabric with hand-made leather buttons.

*Slinger vintage L-shaped leather belt.

*Asylum leather wrap cuff made from vintage medical restraint.

*Stingray raw-edged cotton muscle T-shirt.

*Multi-panel pants made from reclaimed U.S. Army 'pup' tent.

*Contraband vintage 3-pocket leather bag.

*Explorer vintage fur felt fedora with Boy Scout Master leather hat band.

*Vintage ticking neck tie.

Ain't nobody is go'n get hurt. 

Just lie down on the floor and keep calm.