Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I feel I can share with you. 

We have been together long enough that I can let you in on a secret.


I am learning to dig a little deeper when it comes to promoting my work. Learning to explore and connect with my audience. Perhaps I did with a blog- but now is the time to string more than a few words together.

After discovering The Middle Finger Project and the amazingly talented and funny Ash I am rethinking my whole approach to marketing. 

(Please don't visit that link if you don't like swearing. If you don't mind rude words and want practical business advice in a language you can understand then go, go, go!)

Here is a sample of copy that actually uses my voice, not the drone 'size, shape and colour' (said really, really slowly) type of descriptions...

I was thinking about the women that would wear this while crafting this piece- if you are here, then perhaps it is you. 

It's funny, so much of what we buy comes from people we don't and never will know. That is not the case with hand-made. Send me an e-mail, visit my studio, pat my dog, Bruce. 
That is what buying hand-made is about. You can see the process, watch me rummage through boxes of found objects and know where everything came from. 

It's just me, in my studio, drinking coffee and asking Bruce to not sleep under my feet while I am trying to sew.  

While at other times, I am enjoying a more 

J. Peterman approach...

Thunder roared through the darkening valley, 

a cold wind blew off distant glaciers. A 

handful of ravens mocked the storm and 

spiraled overhead. Mist was creeping in, 

making the going precarious.

Lindbergh castle, my grandfathers home for

many years, was a few miles yet. Damn 

stage-coach driver, scared off by wolf howls

on a full moon. What a superstitious bunch. 

Yet here I was alone, on foot, with nothing 

but my lightweight bags and heavy heart to 

take me through the darkness. 

My boots were strong and a dusty fedora

clung to my head. Luckily I was wearing my 

long black Sith Coat from urbandon. It 

didn't just suit this mood, it was the only 

thing keeping me warm. I wrapped the built-

in scarf around my neck, securing the coat 

closed. A bitter wind was now the last thing 

on my mind. Just a little bit further to go.

It is refreshing, fun and I feel I am being myself. 
Thanks for listening to me yabba on all this time.

Check this wonderful promotional video that uses emotion not facts to encourage tourism in Peru...

As the title of this post says- It's selling the 'sizzle' not the 'sausage'.