Thursday, November 29, 2012


This months obsession: hats. I'm walking, talking and making hats all day now.
Allow me to introduce you this weeks efforts...

Rescued-from-the-side-of-the-road-hat. It looked like a ball of dirty felt when I found it. I cleaned and restored it and added a Boy Scout Leader vintage leather band (also found). Completely Indiana Jones now. Judging by the oily crease at the front, this hat has seen some serious wear.

Remake-hat-project: Daggy-thrift-store wool felt hat I re-blocked (which is to reshape a hat with steam and wooden hat block).
I also reduced the brim and added a coffee-stained silk ribbon band.



 Thrift store straw hat before.

And after being reshaped and found nylon cord band in place. Denise calls it my 'Brokeback hat'.

Although done last year, I should include this one here too- a nod to Rihnhart Plank. An old fedora with a reduced brim and destroyed crown. I used a blow torch and soldering iron. That's another Boy Scout hat band too.

Oh dear...need more room already!

Then there is the sewn hats to sell....

Wool newsboy cap.

Denim off-cut flat(or Ivy/Bocce/Dai/Golf) caps. 

Combat canvas caps too...

Next week I will actually be making the felt to make a hat with- wet felting. It should be fun as I have never felted before. I did say it was an obsession!

How is your obsession?