Sunday, November 11, 2012


I just had to show off my new hat by the amazingly talented milliner Rosie Boylan. Made from New Zealand flax in the style of a top hat, it is the summer hat of the year. Not only is it beautifully made and fits me like a glove, I get to support a local designer with some serious street-cred.
Boylan did the hats for The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge and Australia as well as The Sydney Theatre Company (Cate Blanchett is creative director). 
Just in case you had forgotten how wonderful the hats were....

Next on my (wish) list is a hat from Italian designer Reinhard Plank. Available from my favourite store in the world (no kidding) Darklands in Berlin.

I have counted nine in my collection from a vintage bowler to a garrison cap to the cheap dog-walking sun-protection straw hat. I can feel an obsession coming on.

Hats off to milliners! 

Do you love a hat???