Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have just finished a new collection of limited-edition jackets. The Apparition Collection are made from reclaimed painted canvas.
 A local artist recently discarded four huge paintings that I managed to recover. The paintings reveal ghostly, half-there images of spectres. These haunting images drew me like a moth to a flame. (Okay, it is Halloween so please forgive me here) The dark and shadowy pictures have such dream-like quality, a haunting feel. In a flash, I knew exactly what those canvases should be. A frenzy of washing and savage cutting reduced them to a pile of pieces, only to emerge a week or so later as four jackets. Four sizes, four unique never-to-be-repeated jackets. I offer you the Apparition Collection. 
I hope you like!

 Details- unlined jackets with hand made leather buttons, covered and/or French seams, two patch pockets, rear vent and single button cuff button.