Saturday, August 11, 2012


Thank goodness being a designer doesn't stop me from purchasing clothes from other designers I admire. 

While travelling in Paris and Berlin I have made one or two purchases from my favourite labels- I call it research!

 These designers have a talent for unique cuts and treatments, quality fabrics and sustainable practices.  

Damir Domar shirt, Trippen bag and urbandon jewellery.

Damir Domar- Parisian designer. Beautiful men's and women's designs. Mainly using organic cottons and linens. Slick, stylish and beautifully made. 

Julius_7 double-layer t-shirt and G-Star jeans and urbandon neck wallet.

Julius_7- For me, one of the two best menswear labels in the world (the other being Boris Bidjan Saberi-see next post)
 Cutting edge deconstructed designs, layered and distressed, over-dyed/ cold dyed and extra-long, muted tones and narrow shapes. (all my favourite words!) Menswear only but they do use women in their runway shows.

G-Star- Dutch company that makes the best raw denim jeans on the planet. Amazing military-style cuts and durable fabrics. Big pockets, 3D cut jeans. Organic cotton range. Ethical and sustainable credibility. Designed to last and last.

Lost and Found bias-cut front linen shirt and urbandon jewellery.

Lost and Found- Italian androgynous clothing label designed by Ria Dunn. Beautifully made limited-run pieces. Plenty of raw edges and cold-dying.

ButterflySoulFire leather and linen scarf, urbandon t-shirt and Stetson linen hat.

ButterflySoulFire- Berlin-based cutting-edge fashion company making short-run and one-off pieces. My favourite German brand because of it's unique style and commitment to doing things their way.

Trippen leather bag.

Trippen sandals.

Trippen- This Berlin-based company makes amazing men's and women's shoes and accessories. They are super comfortable and come in so many great designs. Very well made, unique designs with replacement soles available on request.

Ann Demeulemeester jacket, G-Star jeans, Trippen bag, Stetson hat and urbandon t-shirt.

Ann Demeulemeester- Belgium-based designer and part of the Antwerp Six group who emerged in the 80's from the Antwerp Academy. 
Slick and tailored clothes for when I want to dress up a little bit. I have had this jacket for several years now and love it to death. Bound seams, classic styling, beautiful linen and perfect cut make this a staple and inspirational piece.

Thank you grrl+dog who was the photographer and keen supporter of my fashion posturing. (Love you!)

 Stay tune for next weeks episode...!