Sunday, August 19, 2012


Saving the best for last...

Boris Saberi ninja-hooded super-long shirt with leather buttons and hand/cuff stays. Asymmetrical buttoning and that best part-a ninja hood(!)

Boris Bidjan Saberi- I love this designer who makes the BEST menswear in the world.  

He inspired me to start creating menswear in the first place because I couldn't afford him. (Think heart-poundingly expensive)

Boris Saberi

Saberi is German/Iranian and I think his clothes reflect his heritage. There is definitely a Persian element with his long lengths and wrapped layers.
He is similar to me in that he designs clothes with a 'protection' element. 

I think this shirt is just-drop-dead beautiful. The fine cotton, the length, buttons that finish mid-length. It has it all going-on.

And then there is...

Julius_7- For me, the other BEST menswear designer around. Tatsuro Horikawa creates amazing androgynous clothing that are SO sexy.

 Tatsuro Horikawa

Deconstructed designs, layered and distressed, over-dyed/ cold dyed and extra-long, muted tones and narrow shapes are his key elements.

This t-shirt combines raw and tailored edges, an unusual print and that length that I love so much.

Hey, and it goes well with my urbandon cotton/metal coat.

Thanks for sharing my passion for clothes. 

Back home in a week and time to start sewing again. 

I have a few ideas- to say the least!

Beste Grüße aus Berlin.
(Best wishes from Berlin)

PS: Any physical similarities to my favourite designers is purely coincidental.