Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This week Denise and I went to the Hamburger Bahnhof National Modern Art Museum in Berlin. A former train station and now a massive museum. 

 Me and Andy Warhol. Yes, photography was allowed, which is usually unheard of.

 Denise and Robert Rauchenberg.

 Anselm Kiefer's lead aeroplane

 White field landscapes by Qiu Shihua. Magical landscapes reminiscent of traditional Chinese 

'water' painting. Dreamy and half-there, these 

photos just can't capture the paintings 


 Doll parts and dolls by American outsider artist Morton Bartlett (1909-1992). He created a dozen half life-size anatomically-correct 


 What at first seemed sinister was not. Orphaned at eight, unable to settle into a job or relationship, he saw combat and then eventually created these dolls like a small family. He sewed beautiful clothes for them all. Almost all of their poses are innocent and happy. Most look around the age of eight although there is a baby and a teenager.

Clearly obsessive and a complete outsider, he spent many years working on these dolls only to box them away towards the end of his life.

 Although I am not fond of Joseph Beuys usually, these pieces are right up my alley.

 Not to sure who the artist is-but it's pretty funny. He is asleep, not fallen out of the wheelchair. 

Finally, the amazing light sculptures of Anthony McCall. Sculpture, drawing and video installation. You could interact with them by blowing into the smoke and walk into them. So, so beautiful.

An amazing collection of art.
Did I tell you we are loving Berlin?!