Monday, July 16, 2012


Being right across the road from our apartment in Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens were the ideal relief from the hectic city. A perfect place from a beer in the cafe or just a stroll around. There are grand gardens, tennis courts, pony rides, fountains, a rose garden, a museum, a place to hire toy boats for the pond and plenty of chairs for just hanging out.

The Palace

In 1611 Marie de Medicis, widow of Henry IV decided to build this as her palace. Modelled on the Petti Palace in her home town of Florence the palace in less French and more Italian with the grounds in an English style. What a mash-up. 

 Formal gardens

Informal gardens

Neglected over the years with roads chopping the size down it was revived in the 1880's to its former glory.

 Modern sculpture


 Scatted with around seventy sculptures and a grotto it is a beautiful place for some down-time. 



I captured some key elements to the park in a dreamy-soft style that suits it well. Hope you enjoy.

 The grotto.

The Medicis herself.

Saint Genevieve, patron saint of Paris.

From Paris with love.