Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Berlin is like some prizefighter boxer: Knocked down a few times, it will get back up and fight. The city is bold, dynamic and cool- has tough exterior and a soft heart. Berlin is a little rough around the edges (Kreutzberg) with a beautiful and smart centre (Mitte). It was seen some good times and hard times. At the moment it has be the title-holder, at least when it comes to fashion and economy. So many great shops and restaurants, great places to stop and have a beer, the beautiful willow lined river...

Loving Berlin so much. 

Love the cool and grungy cafes, the beautiful mix of architecture, the relaxed bike-riding Germans, crazy all-hour bars and at the moment, summer! An extra bonus is having friends here to help us find the gold. Our best friends friends from Sydney arrive next week too. 
So a few snaps...


 Victoria Park and memorial from which Kreutzberg gets it's name (cross).

 Old and new statues in the German History Museum where I saw the amazing exhibition of fashion from 1700-1915 called  Fashioning Fashion. The exhibition is originally from  Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

The rooftop-bar view(above)from Hotel de Rome in Mitte where we drank Champagne with our good Berliner friend , Uwe. 

We slipped away from the city yesterday to a resort spa an hour outside Berlin. Fontane Therme sits on Ruppiner Sea. 
Spa, sauna, nude sunbath, chilly lake swims, salt pool, drinks and repeat...

The amazing modern building in the middle of a Medieval Prussian town of Neurppin. Beautiful views, gorgeous design, friends and nudity. What more could you ask for?

'Round two' starts tomorrow. 
Love from Berlin. XXX