Thursday, June 21, 2012


Before a history lesson on the Pantheon in Paris, above is the rocking cool Saint Michael. Who do I call when things get tough? This Saint. Many times he has come to my aid. Not often I pray but when I do it is him. Oh, and he is about one hundred feet tall as well. He kicks butt.

So, on to the Pantheon. Finished in 1790 and designed by Jacques-Germain Soufflot at the request of Louis XV. (Told you this was going to be a history lesson!)

 King Clovis built built a basilica in this site a few years ago- 507AD. But the very cool Saint Genevieve was buried here in 512AD after helping Parisians against the barbarians- probably just tourists in matching shirts. Either way, she kicked some butt too. And she was hot looking too. Well, her name makes her sound hot. Maybe that's here above. Probably. Okay, so I may not be that accurate all the time.

 Underground everyone is buried- Dumas, Voltaire, Soufflot, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumus, Emile Zola....the list goes on. Pretty much the who's-who of France. 

But the best was Foucault's Pendulum which  demonstrates the rotation of the earth with a very sweet pendulum thingy. Remember that Umberto Eco book, Foucault's Pendulum? This is it. See the little gold ball on the right of the picture? That's his ball. I mean pendulum.

So the Pantheon is a block away from our apartment. A couple of blocks the other way is the Jardin de Luxembourg. It's a big garden. Parisians wanted a big garden and so they built one. Perhaps.

Below is what happens when you piss off Parisians. They will chop your head off and revolt. 

End of day one in Paris and history lesson.  Join me next time when I talk about cafes and beer again. 

Thanks for all the great comments. Glad you are all enjoying my posts.