Sunday, June 24, 2012


Marché de Vanves was recommended as the best flea market in Paris. Vintage and antiques market would be a better term for this place. 
Nothing could prepare us for the mouth-watering collection of vintage pieces, of which some we had to have.  
Although I could have gone crazy here I took my time and bought just a few pieces. So many more markets await.

I did buy these beautiful keys. There are thousands of keys like this. Thousands. These spoke to me.

Denise scored a Steiff Mecki doll with all the tags. She was so happy! 

 She also bought this beautiful Victorian leather case for a song.

 I was happy with a small (train guard?) metal and fabric brooch and silver hand pendant.

 I fell in love with this 1920's sports bag. Leather trim on canvas with steel buckles. I'm  a sucker for big canvas bags. Looks great just hanging on the wall.

I won't tell you the prices because if you are not from Europe you will cry. Suffice to say they were bargains, even before the haggling.  You just can't find anything like these in Australia, and if you did, the prices would be outrageous. 

We found most of the vendors very friendly and open to bargaining. Many spoke a little (or a lot of) English and with my little French we could negotiate some good deals.

We both came away from the markets very satisfied and a little exhausted. Looking forward to the next market now we are warmed up!