Sunday, April 1, 2012

urbandon menswear does women

Urbandon menswear has just started doing women's wear. 
After several requests I decided to create a limited collection of some simple layering pieces.I wanted to make these with a few criteria in mind: 

  1. That they should fit as many sizes as possible. 
  2. That they can be worn in individual ways. 
  3. That they are practical, stylish and minimal.
So, without further ado, here is a sneak preview of the new urbandon women's collection. I certainly hope you like and any feedback is greatly appreciated. I know I have plenty of women followers here so I also have a question. What do you look for in your clothes? 

Cotton and metal waistcoat.

 Linen button-up full length panelled skirt.

 Linen button up full length skirt.

Draped tie-back Rayon top.

Taffeta double layer skirt with gathered side. 

Minimalist wool waistcoat.

Postscript: Just got back from Eveleigh Markets about an hour ago and sold all of the above pieces. Guess who is going to be making more women's clothes this week? Ha! I will put some on my Etsy store soon. 

Have a great week!