Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today I received my latest business cards. These thick and luscious cards are from Moo. I can sleep easy at night because these are made from sustainable forest wood pulp. The packaging they came in in recycled card and the card holder I received is from reclaimed card. 
I'm no eco-warrior but I'm no eco-slacker (you read that term here first) either. 

new Moo card

I see a lot of eco-this and eco-that bandied around with gay abandon within the fashion industry these days. Green really is the new black. But, to tell you the truth, half of it is crap. That's right. Crap. 
Like I said, I'm no 'eco-goodie-two-shoes' but I can smell 'cashing-in' a mile away. Labels that are 'eco' using materials that are hardly sustainable. Bamboo is not so cool- plenty of chemicals used in it's production. Organic cotton still uses hundreds of litres of water to produce. Check out Waterfootprint.
I could go on and on.

new Moo cards

Cotton T-shirt
Material 16 MJ (Mega Joule) per piece
Production 24 MJ
Transportation 7 MJ
Use 65 MJ
Disposal -3 MJ
Total 109 MJ per piece

Polyester T-shirt
Material 33 MJ per piece
Production 11MJ
Transportation 3MJ
Use 7MJ
Disposal -3MJ
Total 51MJ

 old card

"In the end sustainability and environmental friendliness of the clothing
industry depends on the entire life cycle of the garment. The entire
process needs to be taken into account before wide assumptions are
made about which fabric is better for the environment."

Ian Anderson 
Synthetic Fabric vs Natural Fabric

old card

All these is really just a ramble while I contemplate the eco-credentials of my new business cards. Moo really have it covered in that department- and they were still cheaper than Vistaprint.

old cards

These are my new as eco-as-as-you can-get swing tags made from recycled card, unbleached cotton (cotton??? nooooooo!!!) and hand stamped. Now I just have to worry about those damn inks. 

Eco and sustainable are slippery little terms.