Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pack Holiday

No phone signal, limited internet connection and no cable T.V. No gourmet bread shop. No designer pastries and cool cafes. No one-thousand things to do. No rushing about shopping, spending, socializing or fighting through crowds. No planes overhead, trucks and car horns. No laundry duty and cleaning house.

'Pack' holiday. South Coast, New South Wales. Culburra. ('Four winds' in indigenous speak) 

Surrounded by ocean on one side, a river and lagoon on the others. 

 Our new rescue dog, 'Little Dog'(Bruce)swam every day.

 'Big Dog', yours truly, took photos of the sunrise most days.

 More swimming.

 More sunrises.

 Mum Dog and Big Dog got out for lunch in the local restaurant The Butter Factory.

 Afternoon snoozing for the whole pack.

 One more day to go before the pack returns to the big smoke.

What is the rest of the world doing?