Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Gloves Tutorial

How to make some simple gloves from old wool jumper sleeves. Must be the tough economic times that are inspiring this lo-tech approach.

1. Cut off sleeves from old jumper. These felted up a little from a machine wash. The more felting the better- It means less fraying when you cut. These could be cut at any length- opera length wool gloves? Why not?

2. Cut off each corner. Long side seam should be cut a little longer than the shorter finger side.

3. Sew between thumb hole and first finger.
4.Sew roughly into three finger holes. I did these with linen thread, by hand. A handful of stitches to hold them together is all that's needed. (below is where I sewed)

5. I added a skull button for detail between the thumb and forefinger.

Roll on cold weather!

(pdf here)