Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hitting The New Year Running

Never one to rest much, I worked on jewellery over the past week or so as a break from sewing.
I continued on from last year's Masons on Acid series.

Cults, religion and conspiracy theories dominated my holiday. 

 These pieces were designed to protect you.* We protect ourselves from the elements- an umbrella, a jumper or sunscreen. We stay safe with locks, bullet proof vests and air-bags, smoke alarms and crash postures. But how do you protect yourself from sinister, brain-washing-credit card taking- money-laundering-usually sexually driven -cult leader religions? Not a simple answer. Or is it? Although not road tested yet, these pieces flip the bird (or the evil eye in this case) to these false prophets.

These ‘Grand Pooh Bah’ pieces warmly give the finger to perverse, patriarchal, secretive, and ultimately evil cults, religions and ‘societies’.

Want somewhere to start on conspiracies?
Try this

Also made some more tame pieces.

Diffusion lines?

And my favourite- urban amulets...


Made, photographed and listed on Etsy.(Phew!) 

Now, where did I put my sewing machine?

Hope you had a great start to the new year too. 
All the best, Don.