Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back in the groove

After a big break I'm back in the groove. Sewing (and posting)again.

This lightweight coat has a coated denim body, organic cotton jersey sleeves and wool scarf/ hoodie and leather detail. 

Organic unbrushed cotton pants with raw edges, drawstring waist and button up cuffs.

Cotton shorts with drop crotch and drawstring waist.

Double layer singlet and organic cotton beanie. (Channelling Sons of Anarchy here)  

Of course grrl+dog took the photos. I'm listing them on Etsy and selling a few at the markets. It's kinda fun designing for two hemispheres at the same time.

It's taken a moment for us to recover from the loss of our dog and have gone from excessive drinking and lethargy to constant activity, early morning walks, obsessive cleaning and sorting. Each day gets a little better.
We also opened a shop together on Etsy called desmondandmollyjones. This is not a 'flog-blog',(cough cough) but check it out. It's full of all our junk wonderful vintage pieces and supplies. We are trying to list new items each day.

Stay tuned for the next post- I think it is time for a give-away. 

Have a great week.