Saturday, November 26, 2011

Area 51 Lab Coat

One week:two coats. (Part One) 

area 51 lab coat

Lab Coat made from old US Army pup tent.   

Utilising the edges that contains the press studs I manipulated the pattern to retain these features. The centre front and front hem is one edge, the rear hem and storm flap another.

The removable 'blast' collar and collar are from the edges too.

The lab coat becomes exotic with 'fish tail' panels on hem and cuffs.

 The cuffs are anatomically based- long sleeves that wrap around the hand offering back of hand protection from toxic drips.

Raw-edge-flat-felled seams and raw edges are use as much as possible.  

Fits like a glove, weather-proof, reclaimed, accurately finished and first off the line from my own new pattern. I think I have just lifted my game.

Have you had that awareness of a great shift forward with your work?
Is it a technique? A finish? A new level of accuracy? Curious to know.

'One Week:Two Coats' Part Two soon.