Saturday, September 24, 2011


My first painting in six or seven years is of our beautiful and protective hound Baxter. 

Dingo X with an attitude to match. He  used to steal live chickens, roast chickens and neighbourhood dog's bowls with food still in it. His days of bringing home snacks are over. Mustering a short walk or two is all he does now. I would be surprised if he lasts to Christmas. 

Thrown away in a plastic bag is no start for a dog- and he never forgot it. Cautious of people, especially 'farmer' types, made him a great guard dog but not so friendly. As we say- "He is not a patting dog." 'Dog whisperers' included.

He had a brother, we found out a couple of years ago, who was known as the 'wild dog' of the local area and lived free, stealing food. He was eventually adopted by a dog lover. As soon as we saw the photos and heard the story we knew it his sibling. 

 I had to paint this now while he is still alive. Tears and oil paint don't mix.

On holiday dog.

 We will miss you when you go.