Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New, New and New

Firstly, my jewellery and assemblages were featured in this wonderful Steampunk wedding photo-shoot organised by Gallery Serpentine

Photography Credit: Angelica Peady Photography
                                                           Styling: Willow Tree Creative 
Location: Lithgow State Mine ParkModel:
 KasiaMake Up: Irene Philips

More images are available here

Next up was being featured in a Belle Armoire Jewellery tutorial. I have yet to receive the issue but here is the cover.

But the real treat was the delivery of my new baby. I'm talking about my industrial sewing machine here. 
I already have a real baby, well he is eighteen now so not much of a baby. Actually my son rebelled against his upbringing and now works for an insurance company. Sigh. You try so hard with kids and they just spit in your eye and get a 'real' job. He rejects insurance claims for a living- if you knew him you would think that is a perfect job for him. He is planning to go to uni next year- wants to study Legal Ethics (?)
Anyway, I digress, here is my new baby...

 Today I received in the mail some beautiful organic cotton knit from Certton. The cotton is grown, chemical free (certified) in India and woven right here in Sydney- not more than ten kilometers away from home. They have a great collection of colours, although I only use black, and the prices are very reasonable. I just can't find enough dead stock or thrift store fabric for my needs so to use organic cotton is the best thing I can do.
Even got some labels today for my new range of  T-shirts. (Azirca, before you ask, no, those labels are not organic)

And, because this is a bit of a random post I shall leave you with my latest project- a Victorian-style military coat in wool crepe. The wool was from a wonderful thrift store specializing in fabric and knitting supplies- The Fabric Cave. If you live in Sydney, check them out for a real bargain. Bought 10 meters of wool crepe for $20! 

Hope you enjoyed the random post of all things new.