Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Adventures in Fashion Hacktavism

I have just discovered the world of Otto Von Busch and the amazing movement of Fashion Hacktavism
Hackers create, as opposed to 'crackers' who destroy things (like computer systems). Likewise, fashion hacktavism concerns creating or re-creating fashion using fashion. A similar term for it is upcycling- that is using an existing garment to create another garment. But Fashion Hacktavism goes much deeper and is also concerned with the social implications of reuse and the reverse of designers telling the consumer what they want. 

Two pieces here are his designs for Fashion Hacktavism- the (Marcs) jacket is now a waistcoat, with the sleeves as ties at the back. The pants-of similar good quality Australian made design- have been taken apart, pleated down the outside leg, narrowed, taken in at the waist and given elastic cuffs.

Most of us have taken a pair of old jeans in to make them narrower or cut the sleeves of an old t-shirt. This is the same principle- that pair of jeans went from 70's to 80's with a quick sew job. These take thrift shop finds to a whole new level.

Please see more at Self Passage
Interview with Otto Von Busch

Many of his techniques are brilliant and the concepts and projects that Von Busch has been involved in are just so interesting with serious social and political implications.

Video from the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts...

A new way of thinking, a new way of creating.