Saturday, August 13, 2011

Da Vinci Coat

Ol' Leonardo would have been partial to a cool coat. He was way ahead of his time- his techniques and styles not fully embraced for hundreds of years. 

Air travel? Not a problem. Anatomy study? Sorted. 
Hanging out with Machiavelli and Michelangelo? Cool.

Finish something? Yeah, If he didn't get distracted by something else.  
Inspire thousands of artist from Reubens to Botticelli? All in a days work.
Create the most famous paintings in the whole world? Only Da Vinci has this title.  

 Be stylish? Hard not to think he wasn't.

Maybe he would have liked my coat made from an old cotton canvas drop sheet.

Toggle closure made from old, paint splattered paintbrush. The drawstring cords gather and distort the silhouette. 

Extra long sleeves, sleeve gussets, three external pockets with paintbrush holders and one hidden internal pocket.Perspective line stitching on the back.

 I think he would have liked those touches.

Inspired by the very uptight book Leonardo Da Vinci by Kenneth Clark.