Sunday, July 31, 2011

*"Hey, you should have your clothes made in China."

When I first started sewing it was just a big game- lots of fun with no thought. As I have moved from hobby sewer to selling my clothes there has been a big shift in attitude. One thing that has given me a strong direction is ethical and sustainable fashion.

 When it came to jewellery I really avoided using new products. If I did buy sheet metal my supplier only sold 100% recycled metal. Most of my materials were found objects- old junk. 

Now that I'm sewing I have found that the material found in most fabric stores (and most clothing)  is having a damaging effect on the planet and many third world people. 

  • Over 22% of all insecticides and 11% of all pesticides are used on cotton. 
  • Lead, nickel and formaldehyde are common textile making chemicals
  • UK alone discards over 1 million of tonnes of clothes a year
  • China, India and many other countries use child and slave labor to grow and produce materials for clothing

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If you are concerned about where your food comes from then you should be equally concerned about where and how your clothes are made. 

Do you you want people to die for your clothes? 

*"Hey, you should have your clothes made in China." Someone actually said this to me. 

(Zombie Apocalypse Coat made from old tent made with Zero-waste construction techniques)