Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pieces of Eight or um, Eight Pieces

Back in the saddle this week throwing together some bits of metal and whatever junk I could lay my hands on.

 Son of Monte Cristo

There is some sort of 'spirit of adventure' with this lot and I really enjoyed making them up. Not that it is ever a chore but these seemed different some how.

 Count of Monte Cristo

I'm actually starting to run out of 'bits'  and 'junk' which is a bit worrying in because the local thrift shops here in Newtown, Sydney are all 'designer'. 
 "How much is that broken chain?"
Thrift store attendant says. "$10 dollars, as is."
"What about the 70's sewing pattern?"
"Bloody hell" I grumble. 
Good Will my arse.
They are just getting way above themselves and the stock just sits there. 

 Charming Medusa

The 'junk of the junk' in my boxes are looking good at the moment. I'm surprising myself with what can be made with junk I thought I wouldn't use six months ago. 

 Cult of Money

 Mirror Mirror

Even worse, the councils have been cleaning the lane ways to spotless perfection. Either that or the population of junk artists has grown. I'm thinking the latter. 

 Silver Spoon

Readbetweenlines was kind enough to send me some beautiful pieces to play with including Masonic Jewellery- right up my alley. 

 Silver Spoon

But for now I'm actually enjoying the adventure of playing with the 'discarded of the discarded' and the challenge has become an adventure. 
Tea with the Duchess

And I do love a bit of adventure.