Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Meaning of My Life and Death

Time to share with you a collage project created late last year.

This artwork was created when I realised the pain and suffering I had been experiencing my whole life from being an abortion survivor. 

I was born a creature from monster parents. 

The book charts my conception, my prayers for life and my eventual birth as part of the universe. 
Along the way my mutant genes fight for the right to live. 

To not be wanted by my mother and be told so shaped who I am. 

I have always battled to protect myself from the outside world and constant danger that exists. 

To survive these horrific beginnings I barricaded myself against the world and against love. 
My lashing out in anger was a protectionist measure- kill or be killed. 

Death haunted my every dream with constant images of blood, gore and faceless beings that would hunt me every single night. 

This book helped me release and process the lifelong pain, sadness and anger I feel. 
I am a child unwanted by the very people who should have loved, protected and accepted me. 

But in the book, as in life, I am (re)born into the cosmos. 

I am a survivor and can never, ever die.

 How to Survive an Abortion Pop-Up Book
 12x 9 inches
Pop–up book, laser prints, printed acetate sheet, rusty wire, vintage medical books and paint.

Footnote: This was created when Seth called for submissions to an upcoming book. The timing was perfect for the crisis I was going through. I didn't get accepted but the process was more important at the time.