Sunday, April 17, 2011


Just in case you thought I was being a slouch when it comes to sewing this is what I have been up to: more bags.

Beautiful calf leather came my way via my favorite recycling center- Reverse Garbage. Half a dozen skins for a song.

I knew instantly that a handful of bags was going to test my leather sewing skill to the max. I discovered sewing leather is as easy as any other material. 

A leather needle for the sewing machine is a must. Gluing the seams before sewing makes for accurate sewing- there is no ripping out stitches so you have to do it once and do it well.

All these designs are from Yoshimi Ezura's Umamai books. Sure, they are in Japanese but the illustrations are clear enough to follow. If in doubt a Katakana virtual keyboard has helped.

The lines are clean, the edges are raw, and the proportions divine.

Now, if I can only score some more leather...