Friday, March 4, 2011

Tokyo Love Song- Yohji Yamamoto Style

I don't mind a bit of a challenge. 
When it comes to clothes I love to wear (and sew) interesting and challenging pieces. This is once such piece. This is a free pattern by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

 This is such an amazing pattern, although I found it hard to work out at first, then my brain did a triple somersault and it 'clicked'. Then I wondered what the fuss was all about. The piece consists of two pieces which is brilliant in it's design and simplicity.
Pattern is available here: Yohji Yamamoto

There is also an Alexander McQueen and a John Galliano pattern with over forty five pattern pieces in one jacket- which looks amazing and will be a major challenge.

For those tackling this Yohji piece here are some tips:

  • 'Back piece' is the arms and back panel. The dart goes towards the neckline. Think of it like a shrug so sew the arms together.
  • The 'front' panel is like a collar that extends up and over. It is folded and attached.(the back is caught between the layers of the front.)
  • If you can visualize two tubes connected in a t-shape- one the arms and back, the other the front and collar.
  • Trace the pattern pieces from the A4 pdf and mock it up- this really helps.
my little mock-up

Thats my beautiful partner modeling her new jacket.

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