Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holiday Week

Baxter enjoying the coastal holiday. Culburra (it means four winds)- three hours drive south of Sydney. One beautiful week away with only the smell of the sea and the sound of the surf.

Very strange Gothic style house (strange for an Australian coastal town that is) 

...with an even stranger tower. Now what would you use that for? The wagon wheel pinned to the wall adds to the absurdity of the design. This house just fascinates me. It is just too spooky- see upstairs curtain pulled aside. Are they watching me?

A daily friend who squawked until bread or cake appeared. He woke me most mornings- even flew into the bedroom to get his cake.

Bird bones found on the beach. There must have been an ocean storm before we arrived.

Sun bleached bird skulls. (Petrels) Most people collect shells. Good for them.

Port Jackson Shark egg case. 

Not many photos- too lazy, I confess. For cute holiday snaps like the one below, from last time here, click here.

Hope you have a great week.