Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tailors Apprentice

I never imagined a few short months ago how far my journey into sewing would take me. Now I am taking another leap in that adventure- Tailoring.

This path started with the purchase of How Make Men's Clothes by Jane Rhinehart for a few dollars at the local charity store.($100 on Amazon!?) Following the instructions (What? Me!?) I drafted my first pattern for tailored pants.

So now I have pattern based on my measurements and some of my favorite pants.

Before jumping into expensive worsted wool suit (outer cloth) the best thing to do is make a muslin (trial). Now you can make a muslin out of muslin but you are not going to wear it. So my muslin is going to be made from a nicer fabric so I can get some wear out of it and see where I have to correct the pattern.

I will let you know in a week or two what happens and how much cursing or rejoicing is done and leave you with a 'gem' from the book...

"Only very tight pants need provision for DRESS...the side towards which a man places the intimate parts of his anatomy...and most men dress left- a right dresser is sort of a southpaw to the tailoring trade." 

Tailors have thought of everything.