Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BioMech Android Collaboration

If you are in Sydney you may want to check out this 


For one day only Gallery Serpentine brings you an exhibition 

of art of the body. However, these bodies are not your 

average human beings, but rather biomechanical androids of 

the Steampunk universe.

Live throughout the entire day in the shop window will be the 

construction of a Steampunk Biomechanical Woman, where 

one can see body-art transform a regular human being into a 

mechanical humanoid. Additionally the walls of Gallery 

Serpentine will be lined with photographs of Steampunk 

themed body-art.

This is a massive collaboration between:

Jess from Art Kinetica - Body Artist, 

URBANDON - Gadgetry,

Ratchet from Serpentine Laboratories - Model,

Cat Sweeny - Photography

(Gallery Serpentine is where I sell my jewellery)

Location: Shop 2/ 112 – 116 Enmore Road,

Enmore, NSW 2042, Australia

Phone: 02 9557 5821

Hope to see you there.