Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bag Man

Back to the sewing this week for a slightly different creative pursuit-handbags. 

White canvas and old canvas belt tote

Teamed up with grrl + dog for this project. As she said, a girl can't have too many handbags- a principle that guys really don't follow. I have a man-bag/ courier bag to carry sketchbook, phone and camera but only one. Serial bag owner.

Leaf pattern handbag with gold satin lining

The Unami books by Yoshimi Ezura are packed with page after page of bag designs and most can be followed without knowing Japanese.  This etsy shop sells the books. Yoshimi only makes one of each of her bags and only sells them at her once a year exhibition. 

Industrial felt tote with spots

When you see how many designs there are you will want to make all of them-I do, and will.

Lined handbag made from commercial use curtain material

I still only need one but I'm having fun making these. How many bags have you got?