Saturday, December 11, 2010

Star Cuffs

I love astronomy but after moving from the country to the city I have had to give it away and pack up my telescope. Google sky and Hubble photographs are as close as I get nowadays- far removed from setting the alarm clock at 3.00 am to watch galaxies rise or meteor showers explode across the heavens. The sky is so powerful and amazing to view. I never felt small- on the contrary, I felt huge- to be part of this galaxy among millions of other galaxies. Stars light years away and the vastness of space were close in my eye-scope- not very far away at all. Mans fascination with the cosmos has a long history and I don't think we will ever look out on a clear night into the depths of space and say "I know it all and understand everything." We live in an amazing, ever-changing universe and as Carl Sagan says- we are the stuff of stars.

The Greek myths surrounding the heavenly bodies, for me at least, are secondary to the beauty of the universe. That said, I do believe there is a direct link from ancient wisdom to mythology and to the cosmos. The ancients were far more connected with the universe and had a deep understanding of the heavenly motions. Take the beauty and wisdom that went into the Antikythera Mechanism. A computer two thousand years old- now that is impressive!

Science, myth and my own history merge with the creation of these pieces. They are urban navigational devices- an illusionary connection to the Antikythera Mechanism . We can no longer chart our path with the sky- inner city dwellers need the connection to the sky somehow. The native Americans say white man stole the stars- after coming from the country I would say we have hidden the stars- like nature we have cut it away from our day-to-day world. The sky is in our roots- it is possible that life was even spawned from the sky- microbes on the back of a comet that had been travelling across the universe for billions of years; now that is pretty cool. 

All I can do is ponder the vastness of the universe(s) and make some jewellery that reminds me of it.