Monday, December 6, 2010

Cool Hoodie from Three Ugly Shirts

I have started sewing again so here is a cheap, fun project. How to make this from this...

Get three ugly long sleeve t-shirts- these were only $2 each- brand new with from a local industrial waste shop. One is going to be the main shirt. All pieces get attached to main shirt. With the main shirt cut the cuffs, collar and waistband off. 
(Deconstruction all the way)

Cut the front (ugly) section out of all the shirts. Cut the sleeves off the second one. Cut the cuffs off too.

Fold one shirt down the middle and cut a hood shape from the back section to create two pieces. Sew the hood together then sew it to the main shirt.

 Cut the back off the third shirt. Cut it in half and sew these to the front of the main shirt. 
It should be like a double-breasted look- without the buttons.

With cut off sleeves pieces, cut them narrower so they fit and smoothly transition to existing sleeves, sew them back up, then attach them on the ends of the sleeves of the main shirt. 

 I like the super-crushed look so I washed the shirt and twisted it up tight, leaving it wet overnight.

Shirt now has a hood, extra long sleeves and front draping.

Designer look hoodie for $6.
 The sewing bug has bitten again-it's been several years since my last sewing adventure. 
My new Janome 4-thread serger/overlocker arrives later this week (meaning I will be able to sew anything!) and dining room table awash with fabric. 
Oh no!