Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steam and Dieselpunk Fashion

Maybe I am a bit cooler than I first thought. Steampunk/Dieselpunk is seriously fashionable it seems after viewing a John Galliano video this week.( Actually scrap that link as it seems to be the most bloated Flash site on the net- this guy is so painfully cool you have to wait ages for the site and images to loads- this is better.)

Underground and fringe fashion always filters upwards, still, I am surprised with the continued rise of the Steampunk movement as a fashion statement. Gstar are into it...

Antwerp based fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester has been at the forefront of this look for a while now.
I bought one of her jackets the last time I was in Melbourne and I don't think I will ever tire of it. It seems I am her target client- its not about being a fashion victim and more about individuality and happiness she says.

She hates the word 'Goth' to describe her clothes but I bet she doesn't mind Steampunk so much. Her Fall/ Winter 2009/2010 men's collection is heavily Victorian. Come Fall 2010 and its all drop-crotch jodhpurs  and big scarves over asymmetrical jackets that would look right at home (on me!) at the helm of a zeppelin.

Even Alexander McQueen was in on the look.