Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

I picked up my new glasses (spectacles) this week. Although I can see okay without them I do love to be able to see perfectly when making art and reading. 
They will be certainly come in handy on intricate jewellery projects. When I got my first pair of glasses several years ago I threw out most my paintings as they were blurry- I have an astigmatism so every distance is out of focus. What a revelation my first pair was. The optometrist couldn't believe I had never had glasses before.

So these are my new, stylish eye ware.The brand is Domani.The fit are perfect and of high quality. I did choose these over other 'big' brands because they were an Australian company. I love supporting local talent when I can. Alas, they are not Australian made as almost all glasses in the world are made by one of two companies- Luxottica or Safilo. Almost every brand you see and eye wear shop you enter are owned by these two companies. Hard to believe but true.