Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time and Memories

Managed to throw together a few more pieces this week. Above is a fob watch case with paint-stamped copper.

Above: Etched brass, old key and watch part on leather thong.

Brass 'wings', silver spoon, key, watch parts on leather thong.

Above: Tiny (purse?) mirror, watch parts and resin.

Above: My favorite piece at the moment- Etched brass wing, pocket metal calender (1942- 1981), vintage enamel watch face, vintage button on an old chain. 

Above: The Hand of Ishtar. Etched brass hand and old brass pendant on leather thong.

I really like the idea of taking less than one hour to create a piece. Makes you sweat, think on your feet and helps when working out base prices for selling. Also, they can be sold (hopefully!) at a reduced price. These may go on Etsy, but for the moment I'm just enjoying wearing them- which is half the reason to make them.

Sorry to all that I have not been visiting your great blogs- a curse on key-logging and web blocking software at work. Stupid work. (yes, I know I am always bitch'n about work- I swear I am looking for another job. Maybe one with less internet restrictions!) 

Warm regards to all my readers and I shall be visiting you soon.