Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Not Me, It's You

What makes blogging so good is the people you meet along the way.

Take for example Beanie Mouse at found-art blog. 

Look at all these wonderful bits that were so kindly sent to me. Sent because they thought I could do something with them. I certainly did do something with them! Some of these pieces are now incorporated into jewellery, the rest awaiting their turn. Thank you so much!

It's selfless acts like this that makes me feel great to be an artist. I feel connected to some wonderful artists around the globe. It is a wonderful thing that I can chat, share my art and explore what others are doing whether they are in Africa, an island off Canada or the South of England (like Beanie).
Thank you all.

Please note previous post has been removed due to complaint about my alleged derogatory and sexist comments. My apologies to the offended parties as it was not my intention to imply or express sexual/ political or racial unease. For those who follow this blog or know me would be surprised that I would make inappropriate comments regarding women, sexuality, race, political views or sexual preference, however, it seems I have. My apologises once again to the party involved.

Love peace and harmony.
(please note that X is not actually kissing you, unless it is with your written consent in the matter, if not, please be advised that is not my intention to actually kiss anyone and I am not implying I want to/ have/ or have intentions of kissing you.)
(Please also be advised that the title for this post is intended to reflect my feelings towards the other bloggers who I visit and who visit my blog and no one other than them)