Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ZedGenBaby and Brain like a Sieve

 I have not been a slouch over my holiday. This week, out of my assemblage boxes (and a few beers) came two new characters. Brain like a Sieve and ZedGenBaby.

 Brain like a Sieve needs help telling his left from right, his right from wrong. In Italian 'left' is 'sinistra'- like sinister.
 Born with a silver spoon in his arms for pendulum movement and made from a humble chair leg. Maybe it's not good to hang onto thoughts too long. Maybe having a brain like a sieve is a good thing. 
Stands 25cm/10 inches.

 With ZedGenBaby Technology and flesh mesh. Kids don't need to Goo-goo-google- they will be Google and Wikipedia. MP3/4 built in. 

You can also turn them down with remote control.

Recharge your phone while he plays Grand Theft Auto. Every day can be father and son day-ideal for the office or studio.

Stands 16cm/6 inches. Listing on Etsy completes the project.
More on the way so back to the studio for me. Thanks for the comments and I hope you are well and being creative in your thinking.