Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quick Jewellery

It was a very prosperous day at the flea market this week. Found some items for doing some quick jewellery pieces.

The old key to the wombat house at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

A slice of Sydney history-on a leather cord. 
Like art on a stick really.

Vintage North Korean Bakelite whistle on a leather thong.

Vintage metal button and sterling silver clasp. Maybe the easiest clasp in the world to make.

Large (4-6 inch) old brass keys on leather thong with silver clasps.
Fun and easy.

On another note, I am happy to say I sold ZedGenBaby (from my last post) after a few hours on Etsy. I have sold two other items this week and completely redesigned my studio workspace- what a great week! 

Wishing you all the best.