Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday Snaps and a Couple of Words

I have just spent a holiday South of Sydney with my spunky partner for a week.
 I took a few photos.
Currarong pelicans with Jarvis Bay National Park in the background.

Another winter sunset over the Tasman Sea.

Baxter enjoyed the sun.

Grrl and Dog did their thing. 
(Check her blog for her side of the story.)

Fishing restrictions within the National Park.

The weather was warm with cool afternoon sea breezes and chilly nights.

In the warm car, out of the cold wind, tradition is maintained with servings of the local fare.

God bless fish and chips.

The further you go from Sydney the better the signs get.
'Weges' anyone?

I still prefer a cup-o-cheeno.

Not far from the city they have Ford trucks and bull bars and strange signs. Curious.

Safety first at the beach house.

The land that time forgot.

Hot sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and cream on the only wet day.

 Sunset view from the beach house.

There are more photos here.
We are home now in the thick of city living.
For the moment, our dreams smell of a sea breeze.